about the designer

27 years old, from Nîmes, Mathilde shares her life between Milan and France.
It's in 2016 that the DOPPIO Italy adventure starts, the designer creates her first pair of espadrilles in her Atelier Piazza Giuseppe Grandi in the heart of Milan, a city where she draws inspiration.

It is during her many trips that Mathilde can express her creativity through the discovery of colors, fabrics, materials ... looking
new trends.

Adept of the accessory, for her simplicity and elegance go hand in hand. Having like his masterpieces of his dressing his famous jeans Levis, his white T-shirt Petit Bateau, her pair of Pompom DOPPIO Italy sneakers, and her nude makeup, Mathilde dresses and transforms an outfit and a mood thanks to her accessories ... A girl, a sneaker.
DOPPIO Italy is unique pieces, comfortable and trendy, in line with your lifestyle.

Curious and creative, she is developing her first collection dedicated to children this year.